We are a design studio committed to the enrichment of contemporary life through the poetic articulation of spatial experience.  Our design approach to each project emerges from a clear understanding of the life to be lived (the client's needs, routines, and rituals), the intricacies of a specific site, the creative milieu of our contemporary culture, the urgency of sustainable building practices, and the ever-present constraints of time and money.  The goal is always to arrive at original solutions that resonate in meaningful ways with those that encounter them. Sometimes the poetic idea is a simple one: make the building act as a frame, for example, in order to foreground the activities of kids in an art school. Sometimes it is more existential: make the building disappear altogether.  Regardless of the tactic, the strategy remains the same: minimal gestures for maximal effect.

Dan Hisel Architect provides design services for a broad array of challenges, sites and scales; from furniture pieces, to private residences, to commercial and institutional projects.