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 This unique double lot in Somerville, MA came with a beautiful orchard filled with fruit trees and flowers.  The new design seeks to unify the home with its landscape through a contemporary,  single story addition attached to the rear of the original house and reaching out into the orchard.  The original gabled house is preserved at the front of the lot, and used as private bedrooms, with a portion of the first floor set aside for entry.   
 The Heavy/Light House project involves the conversion of a privately owned, abandoned railroad trestle into a guest house for one or two travelers. The program calls for a full bathroom, one bed, a small efficiency kitchen, dining area, living room and deck. 
 In 2013 Dan Hisel Architect was approached by  RAW Art  to assist with a much needed expansion.  DHA provided site analysis and consulting to arrive at a strategy of growing west, into the building next door. Three primary functions were needed by the organization: GATHER, a space for events and studio space, LAUNCH (college-bound counseling), and ART OF WORD (expression through writing).
 Home ReSource is a non-profit in Missoula MT that recycles building materials and educates the community about sustainable building practices. The “fencade”, (as it is dubbed by the crew at HR), shelters materials from the wind and snow, and acts as a security fence between the materials yard and the busy road.
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 This project is essentially a work of "Furnitecture." Bed + Shelves + Closets + Storage + Lamp + Dog Bed(!) = Z Box, a free-standing cube built inside a large space.
 The Z-Loft continues investigations into interior domestic living begun by the Z-Box in 2004. Here the sleeping space is raised, lifted up into the vaulted space of a church-turned-condo unit.   
 Z-Box 2 is a pre-fabricated version of the Z-Box prototype originally built in Lynn, MA. Constructed by Continental Consolidated Industries (now Blue Hive) in Worcester, MA, Z-Box 2 was built in a dozen chunks that are shipped to the client's loft, carried through the door, and assembled in just a couple of days.  Click  HERE  to see a time-lapse video of the assembly.
 The Cadyville Sauna was designed and constructed along the Saranac River in upstate New York. It is a compact structure, covered with mirrors. It is built up against a cliff, and the wall of rock forms one interior wall of the sauna. Twenty feet below the sauna the river coils into a deep and powerful whirlpool, spinning reflections of sunlight back up on the rocks around it and the Sauna above it.
 This addition and renovation to a 2500 sq. ft. brick Italianate home in a Boston suburb employs simple contemporary interventions which allow the existing spaces to extend into their environment.  The new spaces, a first floor dining room and a third level guestroom / playroom, add a new layer of functionality for entertaining, dining, and gathering with friends and family.
  "The Lady of Shallot",  1905, William Holman Hunt
 The Diehl Residence (unbuilt) is a complete transformation of an existing 1950's ranch on a beautiful wooded site along a river west of Boston. The existing house lies adjacent to wetlands and  inside a floodplain, limiting the project to a maximum addition of only 345 sf.  Working closely with town officials and the clients, DHA's solution builds up from the existing foundations, opening up the floor plan, and introducing large apertures that take full advantage of the natural setting.
 Inside the Lenox Hotel in Boston, MA, the Azure Bar is a bolt of light, transforming a rather sleepy dinning room into a hip, sophisticated and active environment. Inserted carefully into an existing space with a specific material palette, the design for a new bar picks up on the blue glass and dark wood accents found in the room, while simultaneously introducing something new and unexpected. 
 The Panel House was developed for Hometta.com, a company that specializes in making modern design available as plan sets to homeowners and their builders. The Panel House is designed around the concept of a modular, variable skin that offers the client the opportunity to “tune” their home to suit the nature of their site.  
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 DHA proposed the Artificial Landscape Generator (ALG), in their competition entry for a temporary installation /exhibition space under the Highline Park at West 24th street in NYC. The ALG is a low-tech, parallel universe to the Highline above. The dark and forgotten site lacks the natural light, vegetation, and scenic views that make the Highline so successful. And so, for the underutilized space below to become active, we created an artificial atmosphere which replicates the experience of the highline above. 
 For more about this project, see   Research